Finally, Civil Asset Forfeiture process is being challenged



Hoping to avoid the negative publicity, Philadelphia prosecutors agreed to halt efforts to seize the homes of two of the lead plaintiffs in a widely publicized federal suit challenging the city’s use of civil forfeiture laws in drug cases. 

December 21st issue of the TREND Letter



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We will soon find out if the politicians are working for the people or the banks



In a true democracy, would politicians allow deals to be made with bankers to remove restrictions such as the Dodd Frank, and then the effective repeal of the Volcker Rule? Inserted inside the urgent spending bill, these politicians slipped in language that will roll back landmark bank regulations passed in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. 

Federal judge rules Obama amnesty order an unconstitutional power grab



The following story from the Washington Post is a Christmas present to American citizens. Finally, Executive Orders are being challenged in court, for they are totally unconstitutional. In what was once considered the greatest democratic country in the world, we have seen far too much of this dictatorial abuse of power from US presidents that steals the people's right to decide what the future is for their country.

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December 14, 2014 issue of the TREND letter



The December 14, 2014 issue of the TREND letter has been sent to subscribers

Cheney defends torture



Ok, there it is...former US V.P Dick Cheney has slammed the recently released Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques Wednesday, calling it “full of crap,” and a “terrible piece of work” that was “deeply flawed.”

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December 7, 2014 issue of the TREND letter



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Swiss voters reject Gold & Immigration referendums



Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected proposals on Sunday that would have forced the central bank to buy huge amounts of gold and imposed strict curbs on immigration, in what is seen as a result strengthening Swiss ties with the European Union.

The measures proposed on Sunday reflect a growing sense that Switzerland is under siege by foreign workers eroding its Alpine culture and trading partners who have insisted in recent years that the Swiss dismantle their business model based on banking secrecy.