November 23rd issue of the TREND letter



The November 23, 2014 issue of the TREND letter has been sent to subscribers. 

Polish politicians ban Winnie the Pooh



Instead of dealing with issues such as balancing budgets and unemployment, politicians in Poland focused on the really important things, such as banning Winnie the Pooh from a new playground, labelling  the character as a half-naked hermaphrodite who is an inappropriate role model to children.

From Vanity Fair...

Republicans no different than Democrats as they block USA Freedom Act surveillance reform bill



Republicans just confirmed that it doesn't matter which party is in power, all any politician wants is to retain as much power as they can. 

Instead of passing the USA Freedom Act, a bill introduced last year that sought to end the NSA’s ongoing daily collection of practically all US phone data, the bill failed to reach a 60-vote threshold to cut off debate and move to passage. 

November 16th issue of the TREND letter



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Western so-called "leaders" blow it again!



Not only do our so-called "leaders" have no idea how to manage the finances of their economies, they are absolutely clueless on how to de-fuse a potential world war. Instead of setting up working groups to sit down and negotiate with Russia in the back rooms, they play to the cameras, showing how tough they are. This childish display of shunning Putin, just put the world in a more dangerous place.

Hong Kong protest leaders denied Beijing flight



From BBC...

Three pro-democracy student leaders from Hong Kong have been stopped from boarding a plane to Beijing.

They had hoped to meet China's leaders as part of their push for greater democracy, but were told at the airport that their travel permits were invalid.

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Government conference on how to confiscate property



About a month ago, we highlighted how cities & police can seize property without actually charging anyone with a crime, and then keeping the money.

Now the Institute for Justice has uncovered recordings of government officials from across the country making unsettling comments about this controversial power. 

Grizzly bear gets behind the lens



photographer grizzly

Jim Lawrence, a B.C. photographer snapped a new angle on grizzly bear behaviour last week, after one sauntered up near Revelstoke and decided to see what life was like on the other side of the camera.

Two pastors and a 90-year old man arrested for feeding the homeless!