The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs



This documentary outlines the rise and fall of the Russian-Jewish oligarchs after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Part 1

California: Paradise Burning



The New Yorker provides an eye-opening view of the extreme conditions caused by the drought in California's Central Valley.  CLICK HERE to see video.




October 19th issue of the TREND letter



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Is Ebola the new terrorist weapon?



A passenger died after vomiting on a flight from Nigeria to New York. Officals say that the passenger did not have Ebola, but it does make you wonder. What if ISIS or some other terrorist group starts loading Ebola-infected passengers onto US-bound flights?

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Mid-day market update



Key support level for S&P 500 is 1850. A break below that suggests more trouble ahead. After 1850, we have 1815 & 1744.

If 1850 holds today on the close, look for a bounce into Friday. The key is to close the week above 1850 or we could have trouble on Monday.

Panic buying in treasuries - is a bubble forming?



Panic buying in this the beginning of the end end of the flight to quality? Confidence in governments is declining globally and rapidly, and so soon will confidence in gov't bonds. It is all playing out as our models have projected.

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