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Trend News Team 

Update on Gold



The next generation of derivatives



We read with horror that Goldman and JP Morgan are creating the next generation of derivatives. This is the very thing that helped push the Financial problem in 2007, to a full blown Financial crisis.

The Euro banking crisis is not over.



For those who believe the politicians and the mainstream media suggestions that the banking crisis in Europe has been over exaggerated, or even that it is resolved, need to give their head a shake.

US dollar remains the strongest currency globally



Based on our model's forecasts, we have been bullish on the US dollar, and short the Euro.  The US dollar has been rising against almost every other currency in the world. The following chart shows the performance of the US dollar versus the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, and the Euro. Only the dollar is in an uptrend. 


Euro bonds under attack?



We have to wonder how loud Putin laughs when he hears all the talk about sanctions against Russia. The absolute last thing these Euro countries need is to get into an economic war with Russia.

Small caps down 3.27% for the year to date



The Russell 2000 are the small-cap growth stocks. They are usually the leaders in an overall bullish stock market. The fact that those stocks are underperforming is fuel to be cautious here.


Record numbers of Americans renounce citizenship as new tax rules kick in



In its insatiable thirst for hunting down every penny it can find, the US has become the only major country to tax the world-wide income of its citizens. On July 1, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Facta) kicked in and U.S. citizens living in Canada and across the world were faced with the burden and cost of meeting their annual filing and reporting obligations to the IRS.

Is the US losing its reign as global financial leader?



In 2002, when we published our first issue of the TREND letter in 2002, we warned of what we called "the monumental shift of wealth, from the West to the East". At that time, we warned that slowly, over time, the US dollar would lose its role as the world's reserve currency, and that role would likely transition to the Chinese yuan.