April 20, 2014 issue of the TREND letter



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Civil unrest rising throughout the globe



This past weekend we saw more protests, this time in Paris and Rome, as the citizens continue to display their anger at corrupt governments, Many are questioning why there is so much civil unrest in the world today. In the West we tend to believe that it is only third world countries with dictators who would see such revolutions, but today it is all governments that need to fear their citizens.

Europe's top banks cut 80,000 more staff in post-crisis overhaul



(From Reuters)....Europe's largest banks cut their staff by another 3.5 percent last year and the prospect of a return to pre-crisis employment levels seems far off, despite the region's fledgling economic recovery.

Spurred into action by falling revenue, mounting losses and the need to convince regulators they are no longer "too big to fail", banks across the globe have shrunk radically since the 2008 collapse of U.S. bank Lehman Brothers sparked the financial crisis.

April 13, 2014 Quarterly Report



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Elon Musk's Hyperloop vs. world's fastest trains



CNN) -- Just how fast would the Hyperloop transportation system envisioned by entrepreneur Elon Musk have to be? Try more than twice as fast as the fastest commercial train in the world.

On Monday, Musk unveiled details about what he called a highly speculative project. But, when the guy speculating has already sent private rockets into outer space, you can't count him out.

April 6, 2014 Flash Report



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US Secretly Created 'Cuban Twitter' to Stir Unrest



We have to wonder what damage the US government's insatiable thirst to spy on every person, corporation, and government on this planet will have on US technical companies. After the revelations from Edward Snowden about the NSA's spying, it is quite clear that virtually all US corporations are simply following the orders of the NSA and other USagencies, with absolutely no concern for individual privacy.

Yellen's speech analyzed



We studied Fed chair Janet Yellen's speech from this week, and it was a dovish speech to be sure. She used the word "recession" many times. Here are some snippets from her speech:


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Turkish banker hides $4.5 million in shoeboxes



From Bloomberg...

When Turkish police raided the Istanbul home of Suleyman Aslan in December, they found $4.5 million stashed in three shoe boxes and hidden in bookshelves.