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Are Junk bonds telling us something?



Throughout the rise in the general equity markets, the Junk bond market (high yield corporate bond fund) has been a leader, as the risk-on attitude prevailed. But as we can see on the following chart, investors are starting to roll out of these riskier junk bonds. Are these junk bonds trying to tell us something?

11% of the world's population is at war today



July 29, 2014 issue of the TREND letter



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Just who is this hated 1% - you might be surprised!



One  of our readers sent us this rather revealing link. We suspect that many people out there clamoring to have that 1% pay all the bills, might just find it quite shocking who that 1% really includes. Check it out at 

There are still many unanswered questions as both US and Russia point fingers



President Obama satated that we must not jump to conclusions in regards to what happened with the shooting down of Malaysian airliner, killing all 298 aboard, yet that is exactly what the US and Russia are doing. 

There are accusations that the CIA has created fake You tube clips, and now Russia is claiming they have images of Ukraine deplying BUK rockets in East Urkaine. 

July Quarterly Report



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Pentagon admits to spending $ millions to study Social Media manipulation



he Guardian reports that DARPA - the Pentagon-run Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - has in one way or another funded several studies recently that set out to explore that social networking site, as well as users of Twitter, Pinterest, Kickstarter and others. DARPA told the Guardian that the studies it has funded are essential to US defense interests.

From the report, here is DARPA's justification

July 6, 2014 issue of the TREND letter



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1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash

A 10-minute video worth watching:


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